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Glass surface damage can be caused by factors including impact from hard objects, improper cleaning or handling of the glass, vandalism, chemical spatters, etc.

Many clients are unaware that scratches can be removed from glass without causing visible distortion.

There are two prevailing assumptions. One is that scratched glass surfaces cannot be repaired and need to be replaced.

Replacement can be expensive. It includes not only the cost of replacement panel, but also the cost of labour and material required to remove and then replace the glass. Time may be a factor in ordering the replacement as well as in having it installed.

If replacement is not feasible, the other assumption is that the scratched surface must simply be accepted. Neither option may be really acceptable.

The answer is the GlassGuru System of on-site glass restoration - quick, effective, and less costly.

How do we remove scratches? The GlassGuru System uses high-speed polishing equipment along with special non-abrasive compounds and pads. Skillfully done, the polishing technique will be eventually cause scratches to “disappear” without leaving any visible distortion on the glass surface.

Can all scratches be removed? While most can, there are some scratches that cannot (for example, on certain colored glass) or some where the cost is simply not justifiable. A trained GlassGuru technician can assess the nature of the scratch. If the scratch is too deep or if the scratches are too pervasive, the technician may recommend replacement of the glass as a better option.


Our technicians can repair scratches and stains from:

Anneled / Tempered glass

Plate glass

Table Tops

Shower enclosures



Curved or flat glass


Display cases counter tops