The glass scratches are identified and differentiated from scratches close to any frames or objects no less than 20mm away. Scratches located along such a location will require a highly skilled technician and require more time to remove cleanly.

The first process is carried out with a hand tool and special abrasive pads. A second process is to polish lightly over the surface of the glass where the scratches were removed. Finally a soft pad and compound with a little spray of water is used to clean up the glass.

The process is applicable to all types of glass, annealed or float glass, clear, tempered and tinted glass and can be successfully repaired. The scratch removal is most appropriate in the following situations:-

Inconvenient to replace glass due to occupation, size of glass, delivery leadtime, constraint, etc. Glass cannot be replaced for technical reasons such as being embedded in concrete or the replacement will affect other trade or due to tight schedule. When scratch removal is more economical in lieu of glass replacement.

Scratch can be completely removed in most instances however some fine scratch marks may be visible due to the depth and width at the base of the scratch which cannot be contacted during the process. This is usually acceptable.

Scratch removal had been done on shower screen, auto glass sliding door, fixed glass panel, windows, glass balcony railings, staircase spiral railing glass panel, table tops, car wind shield, etc.